Aischa couture SS 22

Aischa Haute Couture’s brand-new collection was not only inspired by the brilliance of a cry for freedom, but also by a thousand steps to regain it and retain for forever. It was inspired by the power of a butterfly that enables it to create typhoons, and by the allure of an almond tree in the spring, shimmering with its pinks, purples, blues and whites to attract everyone and everything alives to its shade and to its soft embrace.

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Aischa couture spring summer 2022


Aischa Fashion A New Concept in Haute Couture. Welcome to a fashion brand built on the ideas of daring and audacity, built on the desire to embrace femininity and emphasize its power, confidence and drive. “I live to design dresses that are instantly attractive and daring, dresses that show off a women’s femininity and sheds a light onto her most attractive qualities” Aischa described her approach.

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